Fast online access available
To offer the user a modern access to the data, the BGL has now been made available online. The programming of the BGL permits the access via Internet, intra-net and extra-net solutions alike and the use with all sorts of output media online and offline and also for permanent data maintenance or for the updating of individual data offers. Updating intervals of several years requiring considerable efforts and expenditure for older BGLs are therefore a matter of the past.

The online BGL is presented for the first time as an integrated all-in-one solution within a modern database system. The modern and functional presentation and programming of the databases permits both, an individual and also an up-to-date equipment management and calculation which is comparable on a European level. As stored master data, all core data of the new BGL do not only form the basis for future reprints of the BGL, but also the basis for further country-specific versions and special offers on the Internet which can now and in future be made available by taking country-specific features into account.

The integrated all-in-one solution offered will make a considerable contribution to facilitating the exchange of data and to interlocking project-related activities between building partners even further. The IT compatibility of the detailed equipment code of the construction machinery and equipment listed has now been fully achieved.

We would like to express our special thanks to all those who with their specialist knowledge, experience and commitment have selflessly contributed to the success of the BGL, and in particular to Bernd Kummeter and Eberhard Bohris.

The good collaboration with the member companies of the Fachgemeinschaft Bau- und Baustoffmaschinen im VDMA and especially with the Austrian Fachverband der Bauindustrie as well as with the representatives of other national associations within the European Construction Industry Federation FIEC deserves special mention. The lengthy establishment of a harmonized database and the difficult editing of individual BGL concepts lay in the hands of the chairman and the directorate of the Construction Equipment Committee reinforced by Eckehard Burner (Fachverband der Bauindustrie Österreich).

Last but not least we would like to thank the Bauverlag for the target-oriented and successful cooperation with the directorate of the Construction Equipment Committee in publishing the current BGL which is now available.

Berlin, February 2010

Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Bramann
Editor of the BGL
Leiter der Geschäftsbereiche Spartenpolitik und Baumaschinentechnik
im Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie e. V.

For a better understanding of the navigation and the meaning of special terms as well as for easy handling of the BGL we recommend reading the Introduction. This document can be downloaded here.

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