The European Structure of Construction Equipment (EUROLISTE) / Register of Construction Equipment (BGL) - What exactly is it?
The BGL is the most comprehensive catalogue worldwide of equipment types and sizes required for the execution of construction work and the installation of construction sites without listing individual makes and type designations and the recognized standard work in the building sector.

Based on the structural elements of the BGL, which have now also been harmonized on the European level with the EUROLISTE and which are: equipment group, equipment subgroup, equipment type as well as the technical parameters and the manufacturer-independent mean original values of the equipment, the BGL now offers an enlarged and updated data pool the contents of which is compatible with other European data catalogues and which now also includes a harmonized wear parts catalogue.

The BGL - What is it needed for?

The main fields of application of the BGL are:

- in-house accounting and intra-company calculation of equipment provision costs, e.g. between headquarters, branch office and construction site or between joint ventures and their individual members;
- organization and planning of equipment management in building companies,
- evaluation of equipment and machinery costs, especially in rentability comparisons,
- equipment value assessment in insurance cases and in court decisions.

The German Register of Construction Equipment (BGL) and the Austrian Register of Construction Equipment (ÖBGL) are available
- as a book,
- as data in the CSV format and as
- online service.

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7. BGL in joint ventures - The Register of Construction Equipment plays an important part especially in joint ventures for building projects. If the partners of a joint venture transfer construction equipment intended for the execution of a building contract to the joint venture (provision of equipment), such transfer must be subject to contractual agreement. The application of the BGL as accounting basis in joint ventures is a generally recognized procedure and is even recommended in the current joint venture model agreement issued by the Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie

8. New feature of the BGL - The wear parts catalogue: the expenditure required to maintain the operational availability of construction equipment is an important part of the overall equipment costs. For this reason, the taking over of costs for equipment maintenance and care, repairs, rectification of damage and replacement of wear parts is - especially within joint ventures (JVs) - often a moot point which should be subject right from the beginning to a contractual agreement between the parties involved in the construction project in order to prevent subsequent disputes. In the meantime, a harmonized wear parts catalogue is available which has also been incorporated in the BGL.